La Mosquitia

La Mosquitia is a geographical region that includes the areas with tropical ecosystems among the countries of Honduras and Nicaragua. The Mosquito Coast of Honduras is located in the east, and is the most remote area of Honduras. Called the Central Amazon, is the site for lovers of adventure. The region has very striking topographical features: hills on the western half, where the dominant ecosystem is tropical rainforest, the other half is flat with large sheets covered with pine trees, grasses and seasonal ponds surrounded by palm trees, lagoons and estuaries surrounded by mangroves rainforest and gallery, as well as banks and coral cays along its shores. This makes it the most diverse natural area in the country with a high concentration of species of flora and fauna.

Mosquitia Honduras

It in turn, the area of Honduras more ethnic concentration. Rich in history, colonial equally interesting as it was conquered and colonized mainly by the British and not Spanish like the rest of the country. In La Mosquitia are 4 ethnic groups preserve their traditions and customs. These groups are the Miskito, the Pech, the Tawahkas and the Garifuna. Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, National Park Patuca Tawahka Biosphere and Caratasca lagoon system are its main attractions. The first three are adjacent protected areas covering the region from north to south and connect to the protected areas of La Mosquitia Coast of Nicaragua, forming the largest protected biological corridor in Central America.

Río Plátano, Honduras.

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